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Baglung Municipality Introduction

Baglung Municipality is a city in western Nepal , 275 km west of Kathmandu. It is the administrative headquarters of Baglung District and Dhawalagiri Zone. Baglung is a multicultural and multiracial community. Majority of the population belongs to ethnic communities of Magar, Chhettri, Chhantyal,and Dalits. Smaller groups of Newar, Brahmin, Gurung and Thakali also live in the area. Majority of people from Baglung practice Hinduism. Other religions practiced in the area include Buddhism and Islam.

Baglung is rich in herbal medicine plants. Rice, corn, millet, wheat and potato are the major crops of baglung.There were many mines in use in Baglung in the past; Iron and Copper mines being the most prevalent. But they are not in use for long time because of the heedlessness of the government. There are numerous slate mines in use in Baglung. These slates are excellent for roofing.
Small part of Baglung is electrified by Nepal Electricity Authority and some other parts are electrified by small local hydroplants. Recently, telephone has been accessible in almost all villages of Baglung.
Baglung is considered to be one of the politically most conscious districts and it plays a significant role in the Nepali politics.